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Field Season 1999/2000

The following people presented S263 during the last field season:

Joseph Sheedy, graduate student

Chris Wyatt, remote sensing specialist

Wendy Ehnert, marine biologist and science teacher


This team boarded the POLAR STAR on 12 December 1999 in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) and arrived in late December in McMurdo, Antarctica. We instrumented the ship before departure; the radiative (short wave, infrared and ultraviolet) and eddy fluxes were steadily measured. New for this season was a digital camera, which took continuously imagery of the sea ice conditions and an improved IR telethermometer, which measured the sea surface temperature.

Joseph Sheedy, who also participated in last year's cruise, was the group leader. He was in charge of the boundary layer measurements. Furthermore, he serviced the AWS (automatic weather stations) along the Adelie- and King George Coast.

Chris Wyatt had ordered before the departure of the ship SAR data (microwave satellite data of high resolution which can look through clouds and darkness) to be saved at McMurdo for the anticipated path of the ship. These satellite data will be compared with visible sea ice observation and with the digital imagery, the latter two taken from the ship.

Wendy Ehnert is a marine biologist and science teacher. The took numerous water samples which were analyzed for nutrient and algae content. Besides her scientific effort, she supported a Web site, reporting back to her high school


Gerd Wendler
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